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Hoof-Life Standard Set (420ml)

acrylic adhesive from the Victory stable, used widely particularly in leading racing stables and studs.

Hoof-Life Shoe Adhesive and Hoof Repair products are modern adhesives designed to withstand the stresses of the competition horse as well as the everyday work or pleasure horse. Hoof-Life Adhesive and Hoof Repair is tough enough to bond aluminium horseshoes without the use of nails while being flexible enough to patch, repair and rebuild cracked or damaged hoof walls. Repaired areas are structurally sound so that nails can be driven into them. Hoof-Life Shoe Adhesive and Hoof Repair products are truly the next best thing to natural hoof wall.
Hoof-Life is also an excellent product to use with glue-on shoes such as the SoundHorse Series 1 or Series 3 glue-on cuffs.
Hoof-Life standard sets in 4-6 minutes
Hoof-Life can be used with the same accessories (gun, mixer tips etc.) as Equilox II.

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